A Better Way to Give: Compassion with Calculation

Oftentimes, good intention is not enough. Wisdom is needed to make sure that the act of love will become a blessing, not a curse.
The “how” is as important as the “why.”

“No one is so poor that they have nothing to contribute, nothing to bring to the table in the community. And so the change from toxic to transformative comes about in finding those talents, abilities, and resources that the poor have, and then setting up systems of exchange, of reciprocity, where everyone has something of value to contribute.”


Relasi dan Ekspektasi

Terkadang yg salah bukanlah kita, tetapi memang ekspektasi kita tentang relasi kita dengan Tuhanlah yg terlalu tinggi. Mari menerima kenyataan bahwa Allah menyediakan ruang bagi kegelapan dan keheningan. Tidak selamanya relasi itu akan hangat seperti mentari pagi, sbab kehadiran Tuhan sendiri terkadang ada dalam gelap, pekat, dan dinginnya malam.

Keragaman dan Keseragaman: Keniscayaan dalam Spiritualitas Kristen


Bagaimanakah gereja harus memahami keberagaman spiritualitas Kristen yang ada dalam tubuh Kristus? Di antara keragaman, adakah kesamaan-kesamaan? Bagaimanakah pencarian akan spritualitas yang sejati harus dipandang dalam kacamata keragaman? Adakah kesamaan yang dapat ditangkap sebagai ukuran kesejatian dari macam-macam spiritualitas Kristen yang ada? Seberapa jauh kata “Kristen” dalam “spiritualitas Kristen” menghasilkan perbedaan terhadap spiritualitas yang lain? 

Download file presentasi dari Keragaman dan Keseragaman – 2015 AATC


My failure have been deep, but I won’t hide it from You, Lord…

Most of us know the pain and hurt of wandering away from God. It may be a grave sin, maybe humiliating failure in the past, or a persistence sin that make our heart hard like a stone. Yet, He has been so good to us. Once His fire burn in us, will not He let it be quenched. We need that touch again. May He touch us again, for our core is still His…

The years have passed away
And I need that touch again;
Blown with wind and burned in fire,
My failures have been deep,
No need to hide it, no need to hide again.
But the fire you breathed in me
Is still giving light and heat,
And the core of me belongs to you.
Don’t let another day go by;
Please, I need you, can’t do without you.

You have been so good to me
And although you’ve made me see
Troubles in this life I know
That you’ll restore my life again
Won’t you come and comfort me
Let me hide beneath you, beneath your wings
You’re the one who heals this heart;
I need your touch

When it seems the dream is dead,
Can I trust it will resurrect?
Broken hope can make you hard,
And change seems hard to gain;
Sometimes I feel bound up,
Bound up in death and chains.
But the fire you breathed in me
Is still giving light and heat,
And all of me belongs to you;
You’re the one who holds my heart,
And it’s your song calling me home

You have been so good to me
And although you’ve made me see
Troubles in this life I know
That you’ll restore my life again
Won’t you come and fire my heart
Breathe your life inside me, resurrect me,
Through the wind and fire
I know I’ll see your face

You Have Been So Good To Me by Fugutive Music


Addiction and Connection

We live in a world full of addiction. From porn to drug, from smartphone to gaming, we face addiction addicts around us. If you want to really help those addicts that you love in you life, please watch this video until the end of it…

Kita hidup dalam dunia yang penuh kecanduan. Dari pornografi hingga obat-obatan, kita menemukan org yang kecanduan di sekitar kita. Kalau anda benar-benar ingin membantu orang-orang yang anda kasihi yang terlibat dengan kecanduan apa pun, mari tonton video ini sampai selesai…


Adam, Eve, and Me

“The first man was from the earth, a man of dust; the second man is from heaven.”
– 1 Cor 15:47

“Dust is what we are, but it is not who we are;
because God makes us more than what we came from.
God made the Israelites more than what they came from…

In fact no matter what you think we came from materially [whether primate, dust, or flesh],
God has made us more than what we came from.”

– John Walton on Adam and material origin of human


“And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified…”

“Healing can and does come in the midst of brokenness. God isn’t waiting for your soul to be clean enough for Him to work in you. He mercifully and gladly enters into the mess, the darkness, the brokenness and the shame.”

-Moore Matt

“. . . to the Christian reading who has come out of a dark, broken lifestyle: there really are people out there who truly understand grace and redemption. They aren’t going to Scarlet Letter you for you past. Please, stop resisting the possibility of ever having a relationship because you think that no one will ever understand you or accept you or be able to look past your brokenness. Jesus does all of those things and He fills the hearts of millions in this world. Let your guard down. Let the walls down. And just let the Lord take you wherever He wants to.”

– Moore Matt

“Am I now straight? Am I now normal? Am I now free from same sex desires and attracted solely to women?
No, no and no.
My heart was changed instantaneously when I trusted in Christ and began to follow Him, but my mind was not. I now have a heart that genuinely loves God and desires to worship Him, but at the same time, I’m still utterly messed up and damaged by sin. . . . And it will continue to be a process until I receive a new, perfect and sinless body in the age to come. When that day comes, the fullness of what Jesus purchased for me will be given to me: full freedom from every sinful thing that restrains my enjoyment and worship of God.”

– Moore Matt