Wisdom from tooth

Recently, I kick my wisdom tooth out of my mouth. For those of you who are lucky to not have it or have it grow peacefully, wisdom tooth is third molar that grow in early 20 and can cause serious pain. Through a minor surgery, the tooth that has brought me one and a half year of headache is finally taken out. Beholding the tooth, I realized something. This is misery-causing tooth is fine, healthy, and strong one. It is even better than my other tooth. What makes is a pain in the ass mouth is the fact that it is misaligned,  disordered, and placed in wrong place. In this case is so near to my other tooth and pressing it so hard and causing headache.

Reflecting this tooth, a wisdom down on me: as this tooth good in itself but causing problem because of its improper place, so does our good desire is bringing evil and death to our live because its corrupt alignment. As Augustine says, we are creature of desire. We are made to desire God and all good things that He provide to us. Yet, desiring things without desiring God in it makes our desire disordered. Adam and Eve wanted the knowledge, that man wants pleasure, this girl wants love, that politician wants power. The desire itself is not necessarily evil. Only when our desire carving a wrong things or even good thing but without God’s order, we see our desire bring evil and chaos. So business of sin mortification is not venture of killing desire, but realigning and reordering our desire back to God and His good order/rule.


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