Addiction and Connection

We live in a world full of addiction. From porn to drug, from smartphone to gaming, we face addiction addicts around us. If you want to really help those addicts that you love in you life, please watch this video until the end of it…

Kita hidup dalam dunia yang penuh kecanduan. Dari pornografi hingga obat-obatan, kita menemukan org yang kecanduan di sekitar kita. Kalau anda benar-benar ingin membantu orang-orang yang anda kasihi yang terlibat dengan kecanduan apa pun, mari tonton video ini sampai selesai…


2 thoughts on “Addiction and Connection

  1. If game addiction is what you are facing or you beloved ones are facing, please take time to see this video by Extra Credit:

    If you really want to catch the issue, please watch first the first episode on game addiction and watch also the third one


    What an honest and real videos on game addiction


    • A comment by Orange Cirtus on the youtube video page for the second episode:

      I have realized now that I am the way I am because I am scared of pain, rejection, and loss. I first thought that the only way to deal with this was to detach myself from the world and that this was the only way to help myself get away from the cruel cruel world we live in. Now I understand that the only way to get through life’s problems is to tackle everything head on. To charge at the world with blood and sweat running down your face, tears slithering their ways down through your eyes like snakes, screaming a the top of your lungs that you accept life’s challenge.


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