“And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified…”

“Healing can and does come in the midst of brokenness. God isn’t waiting for your soul to be clean enough for Him to work in you. He mercifully and gladly enters into the mess, the darkness, the brokenness and the shame.”

-Moore Matt

“. . . to the Christian reading who has come out of a dark, broken lifestyle: there really are people out there who truly understand grace and redemption. They aren’t going to Scarlet Letter you for you past. Please, stop resisting the possibility of ever having a relationship because you think that no one will ever understand you or accept you or be able to look past your brokenness. Jesus does all of those things and He fills the hearts of millions in this world. Let your guard down. Let the walls down. And just let the Lord take you wherever He wants to.”

– Moore Matt

“Am I now straight? Am I now normal? Am I now free from same sex desires and attracted solely to women?
No, no and no.
My heart was changed instantaneously when I trusted in Christ and began to follow Him, but my mind was not. I now have a heart that genuinely loves God and desires to worship Him, but at the same time, I’m still utterly messed up and damaged by sin. . . . And it will continue to be a process until I receive a new, perfect and sinless body in the age to come. When that day comes, the fullness of what Jesus purchased for me will be given to me: full freedom from every sinful thing that restrains my enjoyment and worship of God.”

– Moore Matt



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