Teguran, Hukuman, dan Perubahan

To shape and mold man and woman into maturity in Christ is a sweaty, teary, and risky task.

Rules can be set to change behaviours, but it’s inner change that counts as transformation. Order can be brought by laws and rules, but their heart and mind won’t be changed. Rules can be enforced, but obedience will come out of fear and not love. As the situation change, behaviour can easily change back and none is different.

Only through real relationship, one can be changed. When one is heard and is talked to, life is shared and life is changed. By walking beside them, transformation occurs, both for the so called mentors or mentee, for both are mentee of God. Mindset and attitude of the heart are shaped through encountering mind and heart of person that is more mature and settled. Modelling can take place through real time and real relationship.

Relasi mendasari transformasi, tapi tongkat hanya membuat bengkak


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