Birthday in One Year Internship

There are things in our life that happen only once. Those things, like a birthday in one
year internship, help us to realize that not only those things but also our whole life
only happen once.

What is our life like? And to what shall we compare it?

Our life is a precious roll of film, to be stamped with shadows of precious people
Our life is a priceless canvas to be drawn with meaningful cause of this world
Our life is a story full of twists, sweet surprises, and painful tragedies that are to be
accepted, wept on, and celebrated.

It is beautiful and need to be thank for, because while we can’t get all we want in this
life, usually what we get is enough and it’s all we need.

For this life is made by a person who outlives us all, he has seen all and know what is
best for all of us. May His wisdom be praised from now to eternity.


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