Lads who follow their poor Jesus to the end

While many dream wealthy and prosperous life, little pray to be poor. Yet, there are some young men and women who chose deliberately poverty over stability and comfort of material property. They make this choice out of conviction poverty is a means to an end, not an end in itself. This form of poverty is freely chosen rather than imposed by economic circumstances of life. It is a means by which the one who chooses desires to focus on the one who is chosen: Jesus Christ.

And it is the way chosen by Francis of Assisi, Dominic of Osma, Aloysius Gonzaga, and many other who chose Christ over the world. As foolish as it may sound to our modern, capitalist, and consumeristic world, they believed poverty–the absence of things–prepares a space in our lives and hearts for the Lord, just as prayers bids Him welcome. They follow their poor Lord, serving His flock to the end…

– An adapted excerpt from Ronald Mrozinski and Gabriel O’Donnell, “Poverty and Prayer” in Spiritual Traditions for the Contemporary Church, 99-100


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